Loire valley wine: Domaine Blanchard

The Domain was created in 1992 by Eric Blanchard in the best soils of Anjou, on the slopes which run alongside the majestic Loire Valley. The family farm is situated in Denée, near the touristic road Corniche Angevine, which is used a great deal in summer by tourists.

The soils and the wines in the Domain Blanchard

Our Loire Valley wines, rich in natural flavours, begin their life in vineyard plots situated on the hillsides or plateau of Anjou. We cultivate our vineyard in order to preserve the quality of wine heritage by using minimal phytosanitary products and to preserve the quality of our vineyard. Our vineyards are situated on the gravel and clays soils, on schist rocks of the Loire South bank. We produce the Loire Valley wines.

The winemaker and his Domain in the Loire Valley

The creator of the Domain Eric Blanchard is a member of National Confederation of Independent Winemakers, Chevalier de l'Ordre des Fins Gousiers d'Anjou. In 2006, our Domain has moved into new premises in Denée in order to be more competitive. Our family farm has nearly thirty hectares AOC (young and old vines). Please feel welcomed to visit us in Anjou, in Loire Valley!

Your Domain

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Le Fief Aux Moines Route de Rochefort
49190 DENEE

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