French Loire valley white wine

Anjou Blanc Wine

Anjou Blanc is a French dry white wine, one of the Loire Valley wines which will delight your palate by the elegance of its minerality, the power of very ripe fruits aromas as well as the fineness of acacia and linden tree flowers. It is a very smart Loire Valley wine which lets a great persistence in your mouth.

Grape varieties of Anjou Blanc

Anjou Blanc is issued of Chenin, one of the most important Loire Valley grape varieties which is also named Pineau Blanc de la Loire.

Wine-making process of our white

The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand in order to obtain the maximum of maturity. After that we proceed to the fermentation with natural yeasts of grapes, controlling the temperature in order to obtain the best expression of the terroir and of the grapes when you taste this marvellous Anjou Blanc.

Our tasting advises Anjou Blanc

This exceptional wine must be served chilled. This marvellous Loire Valley wine, can be served with monk fish, scallop meat, raw ham, crabs, oysters, Epoisse cheese, goat cheese, Munster cheese, white fish fillet, lemon veal cutlets, filet mignon of porc with cream and others. See you soon in Anjou to taste this exceptional wine Anjou Blanc!


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