Cabernet wine: Rosé wine

Cabernet Anjou Wine

The soils and grape varieties of Cabernet d'Anjou The vineyard is situated in the South of Angers on the clayey sands soils of Anjou region, in the Loire Valley. In order to produce the Cabernet wine, we use the grapes issued of Loire Valley grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet wine : Characteristics

Cabernet d'Anjou is a French half-dry rosé wine. It has a very nice raspberry colour. The typical nose of Cabernet d'Anjou reminds the fresh grape of Cabernet, the morello cherry and the strawberries. It's a very refreshing rosé wine. This Loire Valley wine can be discovered by the young consumers.

Harvesting and wine-making process of Cabernet d'Anjou

We must respect plenty of production stages in order to produce a very good rosé wine. In order to obtain the Cabernet wine, the grapes are harvested by hand, after that we proceed to the maceration before pressing in order to obtain the maximum of fruit contained in the grape. After that we proceed to the fermentation with the monitoring of the temperature.

Our Cabernet d'Anjou tasting advises

The Cabernet d'Anjou can be served as an aperitif. It is ideal for your melon, asparagus, artichokes, crayfishes, crabs, fried fish, steaks, scallops and many others. Welcome to our region, in the Loire Valley to discover our excellent Cabernet d'Anjou!


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