Anjou red wine: vieilles vignes

he soils and grape varieties of Anjou red wine, Vieilles Vignes

The vineyard is situated on the loamy and gravel soils in Anjou region, in the Loire Valley. This French red wine is issued from two grape varieties: Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Anjou red wine, Vieilles Vignes : Characteristics

The grapes are issued of old vines (vines aged of more 60 years).It expresses the richness of Loire Valley soils. The intense garnet colour of Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes bodes its very good potential. You will be seduced by very ripe red fruits aromas. Ample and unctuous, this French red wine will surprise you.

Harvesting and wine-making process of Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes

In order to produce Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes, the grapes are harvested in the optimum of its maturity, after that we proceed to the Cryo maceration (cold maceration) during 8 days, with the monitoring of the temperature. Afterwards we proceed to the alcoholic fermentation on marc during 15 days, managing de temperature at most of 25°C in order to preserve ripe fruits aromas. Malolactic fermentation takes place naturally, maintaining the wine at a temperature of 20°C in order to advance the work of lactic bacteria. The bottling of Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes takes place after maturing in vats for a period of 8-10 months.

Awards of Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes

Gilbert et Gaillard 2003. Note 79/100

Our tasting advices

Our excellent French red wine Anjou Red, Vieilles Vignes accompanies perfectly French cheeses, red meats, lamb meat, roasted kid and others.


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